Submit Your Vehicle

1. All entries must be received with 2 photos of the vehicle by August 10th. The fee for the Jefferson Tour, Welcome Reception and entry for one vehicle in the show is $125 and includes 2 VIP tickets to the reception and the show. If you aren't able to attend all three events, you can pay for them individually. The Jefferson Trail Tour is $25, tickets to the Welcome Reception are $25 per person and to enter your vehicle in the main show on Sunday is $35 for car owner and a guest. All proceeds will be donated to UVA Cancer Center and are tax deductible.

2. Please note this is a rain or shine event. There will be no refunds.

3. All vehicles must have a fire extinguisher with them.

4. Registration and field placement to commence at 7:30 am Sunday. No departures before 4pm.

5. For sale signs, commercial signs, displays and illustrations are prohibited on the field.

6. All vehicles must be driven onto the show field under their own power with the exception of race cars which may use a tow vehicle to stage it.

7. Registration to the event entities admission to the driver and one adult passenger. There is no charge for youths under 12 years old.