Judging Standards

Judging Standards:

Cars will be judged based on a combination of judging based on objective criteria including authenticity,
quality of preservation and appearance broken down into four categories; exterior, interior, engine compartment,
and suspension and undercarriage along with judging based on subjective criteria including the design of the vehicle,
its rarity, its significance, presentation and visual impact. A survivor automobile that represents a unique technological
innovation or styling advance can compete on equal terms with another car that appears exactly as it left the showroom floor.

Vehicle Exterior:
The overall visual review and judging of the car’s exterior based on Authenticity, Condition, Appearance of the car including
paint and finish, body panel fit, chrome and brightwork, glass, tires and wheels. Total: 40 Points

Vehicle Interior
The overall visual review of the car’s interior based the objective criteria of authenticity, condition and appearance of the car to
include seats, interior panels, carpet and mats, headliner, convertible top, steering wheel, dash and gauges. Total: 15 Points

Vehicle Engine Compartment
The overall visual review and judging of the cars engine compartment based on the objective criteria of authenticity, condition and appearance. Total: 15 Points

Vehicle Suspension and Undercarriage
The overall visual review and judging of the cars suspension and undercarriage based on the objective criteria of quality of preservation
of the exhaust system, springs and shocks, front suspension and rear axles to the extent they are visible. Total: 10 Points

Vehicle Overall Visual and Historical Significance
The overall visual review and judging of the car based on the subjective criteria of the quality of design and styling, of preservation rarity, historical significance and elegance of the vehicle. Total: 20 Points

Criteria for Vintage Race Cars and Hot Rods
Judging of these classes will have separate criteria which will also combine objective and subjective criteria to include:
Overall quality of workmanship, originality of design, technical innovation, overall visual appearance, historical significance,
authenticity, quality of preservation. All modifications are acceptable as long as they are period correct. Hot rods may have
any engine designed before 1970 ( eg. Chevy 350 engines are acceptable, LS-1 engines are not). Hot Rods must have
steel bodies. Vintage race cars should be presented in the same chassis, engine and body configuration as they were raced.

. Trophies will be awarded to the top two cars in each class with the highest judges scores. The judges will vote on the Best In Show Trophy.